7th house – It represents the type of spouse, a person will get, her or his personality, traits and characteristics.

So if your 7th house is occupied by planets like Saturn, Rahu or Ketu,the complexion of your Spouse will be Wheatish or Dark.

. However, if Venus is ill-placed (fallen – debilitated) in the 8th house, it decreases the longevity and brings a danger of chronic diseases related to Venus.

Combinations showing acquisition of wealth from in-laws.

Venus is a planet of marriage and relationships.

The 8 th House: The spouse will have a troubled mind and health. You will like physical pleasures and costly drinks. The natives with Venus in the 4th house are positive, and loyal towards their loved ones.

If it is placed in 6th house: native will tend to fight with his/her spouse.

Your love and passion are not for the materialistic things of life. 8th house : By occultism, or personal overcoming conference, something involved with death, or money. .

Combinations showing acquisition of wealth from in-laws. .

He is going to be fond of sensuous pleasures and wealth.


They will be attracted to different cultures. .

. Combinations showing acquisition of wealth from in-laws.

As suggested by marriage astrology prediction, people with Jupiter in eight house’s life partner or spouse will be the utmost attentive, dedicated, faithful, and caring.
It represents the kind of spouse a person will get, his/her personality and behaviour and whether the spouse will be loving and supporting or not.
These natives are more attracted to nature's beauty and often visit such places.

The Navamsa chart is one of the divisional charts that is extracted from the planetary placements in the main D-1 chart.

9th house– The 9th house represents our luck and fortune in marriage.

These people do a lot of planning and plotting behind closed doors. When your 7th house of Navamsa is Pisces, Your Spouse will have Charming personality, has good eyes and nose, truthful in nature, fearless person, sacrificing attitude. .

The native becomes spiritual, religious and knows to deal with situations at later stages of life. Chart 2: Female: Born October 4, 1931 at 9h. You are in the category of the highest level of human beings on the earth. The person knows to deal with spouse and marriage. Mar 26, 2020 · 7th house: The 7th house is the house of the spouse. Venus in the 8th house of Navamsa chart also signifies that there will be a deep emotional bond with your spouse and this person will give more preference to.

If something is Missing or complex in Lagna Chart Kundli or birth chart, it can be found here in a very precise and detailed manner.

If Rahu, a mystic planet, is. Jun 13, 2021 · 8th house – It represents the longevity of marriage and the joint assets accumulated through marriage.

Venus in 12th House.

Saturn, Ketu and Rahu indicates Wheatish or Dark complexion.



There will be nice and strong support from your close ones.