To get started, install it from the Community Plugins and then activate it.


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. you can also specify the folder where the file should be saved. The templater command is firing when you first create the daily note.

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May 18, 2023 · 日记 - Obsidian核心插件,提供日记功能. .

Enable Trigger Templater on new file creation.

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Templater leverages all the best parts of Obsidian’s ecosystem. It demonstrates creating the note in a specific folder if approaching it this way is of interest.

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Dataview - 提供脚本函数支持.

Many Obsidian users take advantage of Templater, a plugin designed for crafting more advanced templates.

Dataview - 提供脚本函数支持.

5. . Templater - 提供脚本模板以及脚本函数支持.

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ABOUTHi! I'm Pamela, and this video is about how to make a trigger based meta-templater, which helps auto-trigger templates based on the name of the link.


May 18, 2023 · 日记 - Obsidian核心插件,提供日记功能.